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“The votes have been counted multiple times, including a hand recount, and no evidence of fraud has been found,” County Board of Commissioners Chairman Robb Pitts said last month. “The fact remains that Fulton County safely and securely carried out an election in the midst of a public health crisis.” Jones’ observations and reports are also meant to help Fulton County going forward, and he noted that between the November general election and a January runoff the county made some significant improvements. But he said he hasn’t seen any change to address systemic management problems. “Fulton needs to address these mismanagement issues because they are becoming serious,” Jones said. “I mean, the eyes of the world are on the county and, you know, they’ve got butterfingers.” When he arrived at the elections warehouse just after 8 p.m. the night before the election, Jones wrote, he encountered a chaotic scene. County elections director Rick Barron was resetting some machines used to check in voters, some sensitive equipment was left outside on the loading dock — “Thankfully the seals were intact,” Jones noted — and Jones himself jumped in to help organize a pile of equipment bags. [Traffic]

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Pearl Tytell in 1981, examining a Treasury check believed to have been forged. Her expertise in typewriters, paper, handwriting and other elements made her a first-class forensic document examiner. Mrs. Tytell was an expert witness for the federal government in 1982 in the tax-evasion case against the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, the head of the Unification Church. By analyzing changes in his handwriting — particularly how his printed “S” had turned cursive — she testified that he signed checks in 1974, not in 1973 as his lawyers had said. At another point, Mrs. Tytell used paper-mill records and her knowledge of watermarks to prove that a piece of paper had not been produced until after the date written on it. “She was an exceptional witness,” Martin Flumenbaum , a prosecutor in the case, said in a phone interview. [Traffic]

“We’ve saved lives. We’ve saved livelihoods, but we must work together to ensure that Australians can reclaim the lives that they once had in this country,” Morrison said. Sydney-based Qantas Airways announced international flights would resume from Nov. 14 to London and Los Angeles. Morrison offered no clue to when other nationalities would be welcome to visit Australia. “We’ll be working towards complete quarantine-free travel for certain countries, such as New Zealand, when it is safe to do so,” he said. Australia has its closest relationship with New Zealand, whose citizens are considered Australian permanent residents. The neighbors allowed quarantine-free travel across the Tasman Sea before the delta variant outbreak began in Sydney in June. The Australian Tourism Export Council, which represents a sector that made 45 billion Australian dollars ($33 billion) a year from international tourists before the pandemic, said the end of the travel ban paved the way for visitors from around the world returning by March. “It marks a shift in thinking within both the government and community sentiment to reengaging with the world,” the council’s managing director Peter Shelley said in a statement. A cap on the number of Australian citizens and permanent residents allowed to return each week has left 45,000 people stranded overseas.